Welcome to WAAVE ("We", "Our") mobile device software application (the “Waave Software"). These Terms of Service set forth the legally binding terms and conditions governing the use of the WAAVE Software, Website (www.getwaave.com) (the “Site”), web widgets, feeds and applications for third-party Web sites and services, and any other mobile or web services, features, content, applications or widgets owned, controlled, or offered by Buy Me A Drink Pte.Ltd (“Waave”) (collectively, the “Waave Services"). Subscribers, customers, users, and others who access, download, use, purchase and/or subscribe to the WAAVE Services (collectively or individually "You" or "Users") must do so under the following terms and conditions of use. BEFORE USING ANY WAAVE SERVICES, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE. BY REGISTERING FOR, ACCESSING, AND/OR USING THE WAAVE SERVICES (INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO VISITING OR BROWSING THE SITE), YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE READ, UNDERSTOOD, AND AGREE TO BE BOUND BY ALL OF THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS, INCLUDING ANY FUTURE MODIFICATIONS TO THIS TERMS OF SERVICE, AND ALL GUIDELINES (COLLECTIVELY, THE "AGREEMENT"), WITHOUT LIMITATION OR QUALIFICATION. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THIS AGREEMENT, THEN PLEASE CEASE USING THE WAAVE SERVICES IMMEDIATELY.

THE AGREEMENT CONSTITUTES A BINDING CONTRACT BETWEEN YOU AND WAAVE Technologies Inc / WAAVE Technologies Inc. You may receive a copy of this Agreement by emailing us at: paperwork@getwaave.com, Subject: Terms of Service Agreement.

1. Background

1.1 The WAAVE app and website (www.getwaave.com www.waave.it) are owned and operated by WAAVE Technologies Inc and subsidiaries.
1.2 These terms and conditions represent the agreement between WAAVE Technologies Inc and any person who accesses or uses WAAVE and the WAAVE Wallet (User Agreement).
1.3 By clicking the ["Accept"], or by accessing and/or using WAAVE (whichever occurs first), the user (referred to in this User Agreement as You or Your) agrees to be bound by this User Agreement.
1.4 WAAVE Technologies Inc. may amend or modify WAAVE (including changing, deleting, discontinuing or imposing conditions on any of its functionality or features), this User Agreement or any WAAVE Technologies Inc policy at any time. You will be able to discontinue and/or refrain from use of WAAVE following such amendment or modification, if You choose to do so. If You don’t choose to do so, the amendments or modifications will apply to You.

2. License

Subject to this User Agreement, WAAVE Technologies Inc grants to You a non-transferable, nonexclusive, royalty-free, fully paid, worldwide license to install one copy of the WAAVE software, in executable object code format only, solely on Your handheld mobile device and solely for Your personal use of the WAAVE app. See clause 14 in relation to the restrictions on Your use of WAAVE.

3. Registration

3.1 In order to make purchases, You must register to use WAAVE and provide certain information (Customer Information)in the WAAVE Wallet to WAAVE Technologies Inc or its third party contractors via WAAVE or a nominated website to enable WAAVE Technologies Inc to provide You with the WAAVE functionality (Waave Account).
3.2 By registering and providing the Customer Information, You warrant that:
(a)You are at least 21 years of age
(b)You are eligible to register and use WAAVE and have the right, power and ability to enter into and perform under this User Agreement
(c)You will be solely responsible for the activity that occurs on Your WAAVE account.
(d)the Customer Information that You provide to WAAVE Technologies Inc is Customer Information which you are lawfully entitled to provide and is not false, misleading, fraudulent or defamatory and does not infringe the intellectual property rights or other rights of any third party.
(e)You will only provide current, accurate and up-to-date Customer Information and will continually update all Customer Information as required (including proof of identity which we may reasonably request).
(f)You will keep Your registration username and password secure.
(g)You will not impersonate any other person or use another person's registration details nor use another user’s WAAVE Account without their permission.
(h)You will not harass or interfere with another user’s use and enjoyment of WAAVE.
(i)You will not use WAAVE, directly or indirectly, for any fraudulent undertaking or in any manner so as to interfere with the operation of WAAVE (including the transmission of viruses, worms or any software intended to damage or alter computer systems or data).
(j)You will not attempt to gain unauthorised access to WAAVE, or other networks or systems connected to or used together with WAAVE.
(k)Your use of WAAVE will be in compliance with this User Agreement.
3.3 WAAVE Technologies Inc is not responsible for any activity (including purchases made through WAAVE) that may occur as a result of the disclosure by You of Your registration details and/or password to third parties, or through unauthorised access to or use of Your personal information and handheld devices.
3.4 You are solely responsible for all activity that occurs via Your registration details and/or the use of WAAVE on Your mobile device.
3.5 You grant us permission to use Your Customer Information to provide You the functionality of WAAVE and for related purposes. You acknowledge that in order for WAAVE Technologies Inc to provide the functionality of Waave, WAAVE Technologies Inc may share your Customer Information with other parties.

4. Compatible mobile devices and third party carriers

4.1 WAAVE app enables You to make payments on compatible mobile devices. Devices modified contrary to the manufacturer’s software or hardware guidelines, including but not limited to those with disabled hardware or software controls (sometimes referred to as “jail broken”) are not compatible devices.
4.2 You acknowledge that the use of a modified device to use the WAAVE app is expressly prohibited, constitutes a violation of this User Agreement, and is grounds for termination of Your WAAVE Account.
4.3 WAAVE Technologies Inc does not warrant that WAAVE will be compatible with Your mobile device or third party carrier.
4.4 It is Your responsibility to ensure that You download the correct application for Your device.
4.5 Your use of WAAVE may be subject to the terms of Your agreements with Your mobile device manufacturer and Your carrier. It is your responsibility to comply with such agreements.

5. Products

5.1 By using WAAVE You may be able to purchase goods or services (Products). These Products are advertised, promoted, offered, sold and/or supplied by third parties (Vendors).
5.2 WAAVE Technologies Inc is not the supplier of any Products that You may view or purchase through the app. WAAVE is designed to facilitate Your transaction with the relevant Vendor(s).
5.3 Representations about Products are based on information and material provided to WAAVE by the relevant Vendor. You acknowledge that WAAVE Technologies Inc takes no responsibility whatsoever nor makes any representations, either express or implied, as to quality, accuracy, reliability or credibility of information or material supplied or made available by third parties or Vendors on Waave. For the avoidance of doubt any images contained in Waave are for illustration purposes only and may not reflect the actual Products offered by a Vendor.
5.4 The Vendor(s) is entirely responsible for all Products made available and or purchased through Waave. You should refer to any applicable terms and conditions provided by the Vendors in connection with the Products. All disputes relating to the quality of Products must be directed to the Vendor.
5.5 Any dispute between You and the Vendor (for example in relation to the Product quality or customer service) must be resolved by You and the Vendor. Waave is under no obligation to resolve or assist You in resolving a dispute with a Vendor.

6. Purchases

6.1 Promotions, advertisements, descriptions or other information provided in relation to Products via Waave ( Product Representations ) do not constitute an offer to sell You the Products or guarantee the availability of Products. The Representations are made available so that You can submit a request for a Product(s) via Waave (Order).
6.2 When You make a purchase, the applicable Vendor will confirm via Waave:
(a)the details of the Purchase, including item name and value
(b)the final price for the Purchase (including any relevant surcharges);
(c)any terms and conditions applicable to the Purchase; and
(d)any other information relevant to the Purchase.
6.3 When You place an order at a Vendor location, Waave App will check that your Waave Wallet has sufficient funds to cover the order plus all fees applicable. If your balance is not sufficient the order will be decline and You will be required to Top Up the Waave Wallet with credits. We use BrainTree as a payment provider. This is a paypal company. WAAVE credits are virtual credits that can be used towards products at any of the participating venues. We do not store any financial information.
6.4 Payment for Credits in Singapore will be processed by BrainTree, please refer to BrainTree’s Terms of Service Agreement for more details.
6.5 You can see each purchase in your Wallet Screen and if you chose so, you will also receive a confirmation email.
6.6 Not all payment methods are available in all markets.
6.7 WAAVE credits are actually USDc, we help you purchase the crypto currency so you can pay at merchants with Crypto. As a user you can only use our USDc at WAAVE merchants, you will not be able to disburse funds or spend outside or our vetted ecosystem
6.8 You do not need to buy USDc in advance to make the purchase, the app will help you purchase the exact amount of your current order and send this amount directly to the merchants Crypto wallet
6.9 WAAVE may use a different number of crypto platforms to help you purchase USDc, all our partners are fully license to oprate in your area and disburse funds to the merchant on your behalf

7. Price and payment

7.1 All prices for Products are shown in local currency, with detailed Taxes and Fees where applicable, and are current at the time of display, in accordance with the information provided to WAAVE Technologies Inc by the relevant Vendor. For WAAVEPay transactions the total amount will include the local sales tax and the merchant will be responsible to split the sum
7.2 Payment for Products must be made by Your credits acquired with your nominated debit or credit card or PayPal, available only in Singapore (Payment Method). Your Payment Method details are sent to the Payment Provider in a secure and encrypted format and will not be viewed, collected or stored by WAAVE Technologies Inc or any other party other than the Payment Provider. You should review the Payment Provider’s terms of service and privacy policy on registration. For more info on our tokenization partner policy visit VGS
7.3 WAAVE Technologies Inc is not responsible for any errors made by the Payment Provider.
7.4 Waave works with most Singaporean-issued and most non-Singaporean-issued credit and debit cards with a Visa, MasterCard logo. We also accept US-issed cards for USD transactions, our payment methods may vary from country to country and from merchant to merchant. We do not accept AMEX outside of Singapore
7.5 You acknowledge that Your credit or debit card provider may charge additional fees in accordance with Your arrangements with that card provider. WAAVE Technologies Inc is not responsible for any such fees or charges. These fees are mostly related to fx transactions if your card's currency differs from the currency of the merchant
7.6 It is You are responsibility to ensure that all items on Your orders are correct and that You pay the correct amount to each Vendor at the time of payment.
7.7 Any dispute You have regarding a refund must be made by contacting Waave within 7 days of payment. After 7 days we will be unable to accommodate refunds.
7.8 Any promotional code You wish to use must be applied to Your Waave Account before you place your first transaction.

8. Unauthorised or illegal use

8.1 If You believe that there is an error or unauthorized transaction associated with Your Waave, You should contact us immediately.
8.2 WAAVE Technologies Inc may decide not to authorise or allow any transaction or Waave Account if we believe that the transaction or Waave Account is in violation of this User Agreement or any other WAAVE Technologies Inc agreement, or that it exposes You, other Waave customers, Waave Vendors or WAAVE Technologies Inc to harm, including fraud and other criminal acts. If WAAVE Technologies Inc reasonably suspects that Your Waave Account has been used for an unauthorised, illegal or criminal purpose, You give us express authorisation to share information about You, Your Waave Accounts, and any of Your transactions with law enforcement.

1. Management of Personal Information

This Privacy Policy will be enforced when using WAAVE. Personal Information will be properly managed according to the Privacy Policy, under the responsibility of the manager of the service. WAAVE will take steps to prevent the unauthorized access, loss, destruction, unauthorized editing or leaking of Personal Information and in the event of any of the above occurring will take proper corrective measures.

2. Retention of Personal Information and other Data

The gathering of Personal Information will be done reasonably and only for the extent required, users can decide the extent of Personal Information that they choose to provide. If the user does not choose to provide their Personal Information or does not accept the use of Personal Information for new WAAVE services or features, there is a possibility that the user will not be able to use services or features that require Personal Information. WAAVE will gather Personal Information for the following purposes.
1. Personal Information gathered when using a service provided by WAAVE. WAAVE will ask for the User's name, email address and other Personal Information as required. Because WAAVE utilizes third party services to process the purchase and use of paid services or to send payouts for contents sold, Personal Information will need to be registered according to the policies of each respective payment or payout service. Also when using accounts provided by third party services to login to WAAVE, the Privacy Policy of the respective Third Parties will be active.
2. Personal Information gathered when contacting WAAVE. When contacting WAAVE, WAAVE will ask for Personal Information to contact the user including name and email address.
3. Personal Information gathered if WAAVE were to have a contest. When registering for a contest held by WAAVE, WAAVE will ask for Personal Information to contact the user including name and email address.
4. Personal Information gathered when registering for a newsletter provided by WAAVE. When registering for a newsletter provided by WAAVE, WAAVE will ask for Personal Information to contact the user including email address.

3. Usage of Personal Information

WAAVE or the event's organizer will use users' Personal Information for the following purposes.

1. To provide WAAVE's and the event organizer's service in a safe and steady way.
2. For internal reference materials that will be utilized in enhancing the quality of services provided by WAAVE and event organizer.
3. To enhance services provided to users.
4. In order to inform users of special services or new reference materials.
5. In order to contact users as required.
6. In order to conduct surveys on usages patterns or usage environments. When using Personal Information for purposes other than listed below, the reasons for the use of Personal Information will be stated on this page or elsewhere within WAAVE.

4. Sharing and publishing of Personal Information

WAAVE may entrust the handling of Personal Information to contracted entities as necessary. If WAAVE were to do so, WAAVE will utilize methods such as legal contracts to ensure that the third party manages Personal Information properly.
WAAVE may publish Personal Information in the following circumstances.

1. The user has agreed to the sharing or publishing of his/her Personal Information.
2. If the sharing or publishing of Personal Information is required to provide information or services that the user is requesting.
3. If the event organizer requires names, email addresses and other personal information for its marketing activities
4. If a formal request is made from public institutions such as a court, police etc.
5. If the actions of the user are in violation of the Terms of Services or guidelines of WAAVE and it is necessary to use Personal Information to protect the rights, assets, services or etc. of WAAVE.
6. If it is necessary to publish Personal Information to protect important assets such as users' or the public's life, health, assets etc.
7. If referrals to financial institutions are required in order to process transactions, make payouts or etc.
8. If publishing or providing Personal Information is required under law
9. When selling subsidiaries or divisions for corporate management services (In these circumstances Personal Information will be deemed business assets and will be transferred in line with agreements made in this Privacy Policy)

5. EDM

For those users who have agreed to the Terms of Services WAAVE will send information that WAAVE believes is of value to the users' registered email address. It is also possible to opt out of Direct Mails.

7. Changes or retracting Personal Information

If a user makes a request to confirm or fix any Personal Information, WAAVE will act promptly and appropriately.

8. Security

In order to ensure privacy and security a Member's Personal Information is protected with a password. When the Member's information is transmitted, WAAVE uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and encrypts information that has been inputted in order to prevent its loss. However, generally speaking data transmissions over the Internet can not be guaranteed to be 100% secure. WAAVE does take measures to protect the user's Personal Information, but can not guarantee that all information provided by WAAVE is absolutely secure.

9. Liability

WAAVE bears no liability if a third party gains access to Personal Information in the following circumstances.

1. If the WAAVE user has used features or services provided by WAAVE to reveal or share Personal Information with a third party.
2. If the identity of a WAAVE user has been ascertained based on information that the user has inputted into WAAVE.
3. When content containing Personal Information has been uploaded to the site.
4. If the event organizer violates any regulations in the handling of personal information

10. Updates to the Privacy Policy

WAAVE may update the Privacy Policy at any time. If there are any important updates we will post notifications on the WAAVE website.